INGEFEI is an established company and an industry leader in the study and installation of industrial hydraulics. Our team of professional specialists has extensive experience in the field and our core value is to meet our customers’ needs and create confidence in our brand.


INGEFEI is an industry leader in the installation of industrial plumbing, sanitation and all types of water-related technology, including new techniques and renewable energy.


We are renowned for our commitment to our clients, dedicated in each project, providing the necessary resources to meet the challenges presented.


When undertaking a new project, we make every effort to reach an optimal level of efficiency and satisfaction, on both a technical and personal level.

We provide solutions

We are committed to providing professional and effective solutions at all levels: pipes, fittings, sanitary ware, pumping systems, etc.

In accordance with our Environmental Responsibility Policy, we recommend ecological alternatives and/or the use of renewable energy whenever possible.

We install all types of SPA & Wellness systems, whether it be providing engineering design for an existing project or providing new innovations and solutions.

We explore technological improvements for your projects, offering competitive advantages; we design aquatic leisure facilities, swimming pools and water attractions.


Javier Fernández
Javier Fernández


Luis Arencibia
Luis Arencibia

Technical Manager

Alexis Dámaso
Alexis Dámaso

Administration Manager